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We place a QR code on every product

Our Brands and Partners

Our QR code supplies relevant laboratory test results directly to our consumers.
Maintaining transparency and safety to our consumer in a clear and understandable way is of upmost importance.


Example Of Our Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

Details of Our Testing Standards

  • Having vertically integrated this year, we have controlled everything from the seed that was planted, to the extraction and compounding methods used.
  • We see 3rd-party laboratory testing as a critical step in this industry to show consistency and safety across all of our product lines.
  • We compound using “production lots” of distillate, these production lots are spot-checked with full panel testing.
  • We double and sometimes triple tested products before it reaches you, our valued customer.

Potency Analysis

  • This is a key attribute of any product created within our facility, generally reported by a concentration of mg/ml.
  • All products are confirmed to contain concentrations of CBD within acceptance tolerances so we can stand by what is on our labels.
  • In addition, THC values of our full spectrum oils are always well below the federal requirement of <.3 THC and in many products, our results state THC non-detectable.

Pesticide Analysis

  • ll production lots of tinctures are screened for a vast list of common pesticides with action limits common in our industry.
  • Due to growing our own crops this year, we grew our plants with USDA Organic Practices and therefore have not seen pesticides in any of our tinctures.

Heavy Metal Analysis

  • Hemp being a bioaccumulator in nature is exceptional at extracting nutrients and metals from soil.
  • Therefore the heavy metal analysis is critical in understanding if a plant has been contaminated with hazardous metals such as Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, and Mercury
  • Each production lot of tincture is screened for heavy metal analysis

Microbial Analysis

  • Due to the nature of our extraction and processing methods, microbial contamination is not a concern for tincture products at this time.